The book demonstrates four laws to make habits work:

  1. Make it Obvious: Clear insists on the use of environmental cues to form good habits.
  2. Make it Attractive: Combining a habit one needs to do with a habit one wants to do, makes forming good habits more appealing.
  3. Make it Easy: The book states that the easier, the more convenient a behaviour is, the more likely it will become a habit.
  4. Make it Satisfy: Habits that are immediately satisfying are more likely to be adopted.

The author, James Clear, introduces the ‘Habit Stacking’ concept, whereby new habits are anchored to already existing patterns. He also uses the concept of ‘Habit Stacking’ to address breaking or eliminating bad habits. According to Clear, the secret of getting results that last is to focus on identity-based habits. By changing our identity, the belief about ourselves, we can change our actions and behaviours to form long-lasting habits.

In conclusion, ‘Atomic Habits’ is not just about habit change, but an overall guide to individual’s self-improvement and self-mastery. With its thoughtful, practical and comprehensive advice, it provides the tools we need to break bad routines and develop good ones that will lead us towards a successful life.

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